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Battery Storage Installations

Looking to start your solar battery journey?  You’ve found the right place.

Remote battery system designs until you’re ready for a survey. Leave your details in the box on the right and one of our team will reach out to you on the same day.

  • 0% VAT to pay as of March 2024
  • Get paid up to £4 per kWh with Demand Flexibility Scheme
  • With or without power-cut prevention
  • Interior or exterior installations available
  • Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer
  • All with a price match guarantee!
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Our Process Made Simple

We like everything to be simple and easy, from beginning to end.


Telephone Consultation

We use satellite imagery to identify your property and remotely generate your battery storage system installation proposal. This can be refined until you’re happy with the design, brand choices and battery installation cost, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your goals and budget.


In Person On Site Survey

We will never send a salesman to eat all your biscuits. We will arrange for an independent surveyor to assess cable runs and check equipment install locations once you're happy for a survey. We’ll ensure the remote design is accurate and nothing is missed so that the battery system installation can proceed.


Battery Storage Installation Day

After receiving grid approval for your battery installation (if it discharges to the grid), our in-house electricians complete your battery installation in one day. Once complete we guide you through the monitoring platform and help you get the most out of your system.

Home Battery Storage: a local solution for global problems.

There’s more solar batteries being installed now than ever, some without solar panels! Is there any question why? Recent energy price hikes have halved the return on investment, making batteries an attractive option for most homeowners to consider.

Solar batteries are a low maintenance ‘set and forget’ technology. A power storage vessel of your own that pays for itself, increases your property value and lowers your carbon footprint.

With our cars, heating and the world around us becoming more dependant on electricity, it’s only a matter of time before there’s batteries everywhere

Reach out today to receive a free-of-charge, no obligation remote design and quote for batteries in your home.

Store your own power and reduce your reliance on the grid
Never experience power cuts again with whole home back up functionality
Get paid to help the grid with the Demand Flexibility Scheme AND 0% VAT from March '24
Drastically reduce your carbon footprint consuming more solar energy
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are pros and cons to each and no right or wrong, we can gladly advise which would would suggest with your home battery installation, explaining the logic behind our recommendation.

DC coupled batteries use a hybrid inverter, meaning that the inverter for the solar is the same inverter for the batteries. The advantage of this is that excess made energy is fed directly into your batteries in DC. The energy is only inverted once, as it leaves the battery (this is more efficient than AC coupled batteries, saving two steps of inversion). However, you’re limited on maximum system power delivery by relying on one inverter…

AC coupled batteries have a dedicated inverter for the battery, instead of relying on one inverter for battery and solar. This means excess made power has to be inverted from DC to AC through the solar inverter, then back into DC to be stored in the batteries, meaning another two steps of inversion. However, if there is a high demand at the property, there isn’t the ‘bottleneck’ of one inverter’s size. The solar inverter can deliver energy in conjunction with the battery inverter, allowing for a higher power delivery.

It’s a really common question and again, there’s no right or wrong- it’s mostly a matter of preference.

All lithium based batteries don’t perform as well in colder temperatures, this is down to the chemical composition. Similarly, when they’re “too hot” they will cease operation. Most batteries will cease operation if they reach 50°C which is very unlikely in most loft spaces in the UK. I would rather my battery stop working when it’s too hot, as the inverter will likely be covering the consumption, rather than it not working when it’s too cold, as it’s unlikely the solar will be generating too.

In short, no. Lithium batteries don’t require distilled water or ‘servicing’ like lead-acid based batteries did. They’re very much a set and forget technology.

It would be unfair to say that batteries aren’t a fire hazard, the same way that a toaster is technically speaking a fire hazard. People often have a 100kWh battery that charges at 7kW+, discharges at 500kW, gets thrown about at 2Gs in their internal garage and wouldn’t think twice about it (an electric vehicle). We’ve never had a battery fire in 10 years, the batteries are built with a plethora of technologies to prevent this ever occurring. Battery brands like Tesla or SolarEdge have the latest technology to lessen this possibility even further. The Tesla Powerwall 2 is still the only battery system on the market to incorporate a liquid thermal management system that enables it to operate in a wide range of temperatures from -20 to +50°C. The SolarEdge Energy Bank has the option of adding an inbuilt fire suppression system

As of March 1st 2024, there is 0% VAT on the retrofit installation, or addition of batteries to an existing or new system. This was at 20% VAT beforehand.

This could be your home battery installation...

April 10, 2024
Got a 5kw solar and 8kwh battery system installed by Cahill and had a great experience from start to finish. Would 100% recommend them. Customer service was top notch and the installation was quick and straightforward. They made it easy and while it’s still early days, it’s good to see how much you’re generating and saving with the metrics in the app. 5 star!
Emma PS
Emma PS
March 21, 2024
Cahill Renewables installed my solar and battery solution November 2023. They have been incredibly professional and prompt at every stage from initial enquiry, installation and after care service. They were so efficient with the paperwork, which enabled me to be exporting back to the grid within 4 weeks. I am really enjoying being a solar power user.
Garth Sylvester
Garth Sylvester
March 19, 2024
We chose Cahill Renewables to fit our Heat Exchanger as of all the people we talked to, they were by far the most professional in their attitude, explaining exactly what we would need. The team who came to fit it were there on time and got straight to work. They made a very neat job under quite difficult circumstances as we have a small bungalow with not much room to move anything about. Apart from providing coffee and tea we didn’t have to lift a finger, for which, now getting on in years, we were very grateful. They made an extremely neat job running the pipes under the house, so, no ugly fittings running along skirting boards, although of course this made the job harder for them it was their idea and we were extremely grateful. The whole service from beginning to end was extremely professional. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cahill Renewables in the future.
Robbie Tindal
Robbie Tindal
February 26, 2024
Having decided to have solar panels installed Cahill Renewables were one of five companies we approached for a quote. Right from the start we were impressed with their response, their efficiency and willingness to listen to what we wanted and to answer all the questions we had. The quote we received was competitive and having agreed a date and timescale for the work it all went ahead as planned. All of the guys who came on site were polite, considerate, careful and professional. They worked extremely well as a team to ensure the job was completed in a timely manner and kept the site clean and tidy. We enquired about having some additional electrical work done linked to the solar installation and this was scheduled to fit in with the existing work whilst they were on site. We have no hesitation in recommending Cahill Renewables to others. A great team in all respects.
Airsoft GB
Airsoft GB
January 31, 2024
Cahill Renewables have been absolutely great installing our home solar system. They have been incredibly helpful from the initial quote, interpreting our needs to provide the final quote, installing all the panels and battery and then patiently explaining how the Tesla battery system works. A very helpful and competent team which we throughly recommend.
Stephen D
Stephen D
January 22, 2024
Joe was incredibly efficient, patient and helpful. Couldn't praise more!
CBF Lazaro
CBF Lazaro
December 5, 2023
Ended up not going ahead due to technicalities and planning permission requirements on my specific situation, but cahill renewables were the ones to go with if I did go ahead. Josh was polite and knowledgeable, got a very fair quote from them for a ASHP install and the quoting process was very pleasant and non pushy.
Praful Lakhani
Praful Lakhani
November 1, 2023
EXCELLENT - Every team from Sales to Scaffolding to Electrical to installers and tilers were just exceptional. Ours is a slate roof and required more careful work and matching. THEY EXCELLED in every respect. . They arrived on time, were most courteous and very clean and tidy.
Peter Laurence
Peter Laurence
October 23, 2023
A thoroughly pleasant and efficient company who were a great help throughout the solar panel "process". Great products, professionally fitted and our questions answered very promptly. A pleasure to do business with.
Jonathan Farnhill
Jonathan Farnhill
October 18, 2023
I have just had solar panels, an inverter and batteries installed in our house, and the service and support we received from Cahill Renewables was first class at every stage of the process. I have no hesitation in recommending them as a highly competent provider and installer of PV systems
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